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Post  Zomb on Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:33 pm

Gym Battle Rules

These rules are for when a trainer challenges a gym leader for their badge. If any of these rules are not followed for one reason or another please contact Dwlr or I.. Rules are subject to change at any time.

1. All standard Clauses that are NOT otherwise noted are in effect.

2. The New Item Clause will be used for gym battles. As well as all gyms follow the Scherox Tier list.

3. If you lose to a gym leader, you must wait 1 week before challenging the same leader again.

4. Please don’t go to all the gyms and challenge every one of them over the course of one weekend. Some Gyms are run by the same person as another gym and might not have the time to take multiple challenges all in the same weekend. If you want to challenge multiple gyms over 1 weekend keep it to a max of 3 and make sure the leaders are all different.

5. Gym leaders have 2 weekends to accept your challenge and set a time. Challenges originally posted after 5pm on Friday do not count toward the current weekend. They can however be accepted at any time after you post it but the leader is not required to accept it for 2 weekends after that one.

6. Gym threads must follow the format as exampled in the Legend Gym.

7. If you are inactive your gym is subject to be closed or taken out of your control.

8. Please do NOT set up a gym thread without permission from either Dwlr or myself. If you do so your gym will be deleted and any chance you have of becoming a leader may be lost.

9. Gyms must have a banner with 2 Pokemon on them that follow the theme of the gym. The banner can be no larger than the size defined for sigs on the site. For an example please see the Sandstorm gym sig. Sig will need the theme written on it and ran by: Whoever as well. In the event that it comes to our attention that you never use the 2 Pokemon you put on your banner you will be required to change your banner to keep your gym running. (this doesn't mean you have to use them every battle but if you don't use them then it isn't an honest representation of your gym). If you can't make your own banner for your gym then please request one here Sig Shop. We would be glad to make one for you all you have to do is tell us what 2 Pokemon you want on it and any other details that would help us created a banner that represents your gym.

10. Please don't give out trainers or gym leader's Pokemon or strategies to other people. Trainers should have more than enough info knowing the theme of the gym and gym leaders don't need to have an advantage of knowing the trainers Pokemon.

11. Special rules such as your opponent only being able to use Pokemon up to a certain tier must be approved by Dwlr and I before they can go into affect. The better your reasons for needing a special rule the better chance you have of it being approved. Some gyms need these so that they have a fighting chance. Most likely yours won't but if it is needed you may ask for it.

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