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Trading and Breeding Rules Empty Trading and Breeding Rules

Post  Zomb on Thu May 20, 2010 4:07 am

Ok we don't have a lot of rules for this thread but we wanted to lay down a couple to help keep things running smooth. Also try to keep requests reasonable but we're not going to enforce this, just remember that if you request things that are hard to get and don't want to trade anything of equal value for it then you might have trouble finding someone to complete the request.

1) If you run a Trading or Breeding thread, that is your offering up several Pokemon/Items as a shop please make sure to let us know if you close it so people don't get confused on if your still open or not. We can reopen it later we just don't want someone asking for Pokemon from you if you aren't trading anymore.

2) Please check any Item and Pokemon shops before posting asking for one. If you're looking for a Timid Gastly and someone has one offered it would be better to post there asking for it then to open a new thread. This will keep things clean and easy to look through all the threads.

3) Close request threads when they've been completed. This can be done by posting in your thread that it is now closed or by contacting Dwlr or myself.

4) Not really a rule but threads that seem inactive or completed as decided by staff can be closed. If a thread of yours is closed and you don't think it should be then you will have to contact Dwlr or myself to get it reopened.

More rules to come if needed.

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