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Tier list? Empty Tier list?

Post  goaway on Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:49 pm

So most of us agree that Smogon's tier list needs a bit of fixing. I made a list of Pokemon to consider sending into OU:

The argument is that they're not impossible to take down and that they're not broken, so in a scenario with a team with Latias v.s. a team without Latias, the odds depend on the rest of the team, so the team with Latias will not always win.
P.S. We're not banning Salamence. That's just silly.

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Tier list? Empty Re: Tier list?

Post  Zomb on Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:02 pm

Maybe I'm a little biased because I run a Sandstorm team at times but Garchomp really has no business being banned. Yes in sandstorm his evasion goes up but no matter if i'm fighting him or using him I've never really noticed it make much of a difference. Yes it can change the battle but it doesn't alter it much and hes definitely beatable if you just use a balanced team. Personally i think he was banned because Smogon didn't want to deal with him anymore. They probably got unlucky a couple times trying to hit him with something stupid like Focus Blast which already suffers accuracy loss and went "well shucks hes unbeatable cause i can't hit him."

As for Manaphy if you just keep a grass or electric attack on a couple of your guys hes not too hard to take down. Hes only 100base in each stat and although Hydration gives him some help with rest hes beatable. Latias I've never had to fight but from what i hear if she can't run the Soul Dew shes no better than any other OU Pokemon.

Tier list? Konatakagami

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