The Playstation Move (another wiimote thing)

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The Playstation Move (another wiimote thing) Empty The Playstation Move (another wiimote thing)

Post  goaway on Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:24 am

Fun fact: It was originally called the Arc but cuz of copyright reasons, they changed it to the Playstation Move.
The Playstation Move (another wiimote thing) PlayStation_Move_Final_Design
I think it looks alright. It's kinda like a lolipop :p It's another wiimote-like remotes, and of course its for the PS3. It has a neat orb on the top that can change color, but it also tracks the position of how far the controller is away from the PS3, so it has alot of accuracy for where you move it.
Here is a list of games soon to be compatible with the Move. Notable ones are LittleBigPlanet2, Resident Evil 5, and Heavy Rain (I know it's just a long cutscene but it's popular). The controls for RE5 could be fun to play with. (though it won't help me with not failing.) I'm sure alot of people will enjoy it, as alot of people liked the wiimote controls for RE4: Wii.
One thing people worry about is that the new motion controller will make for alot of new shovelware for the PS3 (Like how there's so many crappy licensed games for the Wii.) Advertising to clueless families is the in-thing for gaming, but whatever shovelware the PS3 gets will prolly be alot less than the Wii. It just doesn't seem as family oriented.
So what do ya'll think?

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