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Here are a list of questions that you might have about the Gym League. If you have a question first make sure it hasn't been answered already, if it hasn't then post it here and someone will answer it for you. If you have a question about something that isn't the Gym League it does not belong here. Post it in the appropriate place or PM Dwlr or I.

1) How do I become a gym leader.
• First off you would have to talk to Dwlr or I about becoming a gym leader, this would include giving us a theme you intend to use and it must be approved.
• Second you must play all of the current gyms using your approved theme. Ex) if we have 10 gyms at the time you try for your gym you would have to win at least 6 of the battles to become a leader.

2) I challenged this gym but no one responded
• First make sure the gym is one of the active gyms. Some gyms aren’t active at all times due to redoing their team or just being really busy at the time.
• If the gym is active bring it to Dwlr or my attention if we haven’t noticed it yet. The gym might need to be moved off the active list.

3) Why are there so many rules for the gyms
• Basically we just want to make sure nothing is confusing about the process. If things are laid out better at the beginning then there is less confusion when something comes up.
• The rules also give a guideline for everyone to follow. If we don’t have the guidelines there isn’t a way to determine how to rule things like gym leaders not showing up or how long is too long to accept a challenge.

4) I have an issue with one of the gym leaders what do i do?
• Ok first off keep it off the forum and the xat chat. We don't need it to get into a big flame war over rules and such. It should just be between those involved.
• Second contact either Dwlr or myself. This can be done either on a Xat private chat or through forum private messages. When you do this please include the gym and trainer that you are reporting and a detailed report of why you're reporting them.

example) I'm reporting the Ground Type Gym ran by Fred_the_Plumber because he used a Dragonite/Darkrai or his Dugtrio used Fissure and it killed my Lapras.

• Please do not report gyms just because you lost or don't like the person. Also if someone is using too many of some item or a hax item try to work it out with them first. If you can't work it out and get another battle going, now following all rules, then you can bring it up to us.

5) Why are there more than 8 gyms.
• To put it simple it for the ease of the gym league. To go into more detail though people get busy and can't always be available everytime someone wants to battle. With 8 gyms everyone has to play those 8 gyms and don't have any choice in it. With more than 8 gyms if someone has 7 badges but the person running gym 8 is busy then there are still other choices for the person to get their last badge. It also lets people avoid a gym they're just having a lot of trouble with. Like if someone plays a gym twice and just can't seem to win they can pick a different gym so they continue participating in the league.

6) Why are the gym themes all sorts of stuff and not mono-type gyms like on the games.
• Dwlr and I have seen a lot of forums that use the mono-type team for gyms and E4 and noticed some major flaws in it. Some forums tried to cover this flaw up by banning certain Pokemon at each gym but that's not really fair to the challenger. There is also the problem of coming up with a balanced mono-type team. To give a little better chance to the gym leaders without making it too hard and to also keep a sense of a theme for each gym we decided that actual themes and not types would be a good way to go. If you want an example of mono-type gyms failing think about the dragon gym. Most of them are 4x week to ice and only 1 that I can think of off hand isn't weak to it. Due to this, the dragon team would have major issues with Mamoswine and Weavile that could outrun your dragons and with a stab at that. Dragons aren't the only ones that face this problem so we decided themes over types. If you'd like a mono-type team for a gym go ahead but you aren't required to only use one type.

7) Can I have a 2 typed theme gym.
• Yes you can but there is a catch to this one. This theme is fairly broad seeing as any 2 types give you options to a lot of Pokemon so in order to avoid typing like Ice/Fire or Water/Fire gyms at least 1 Pokemon in your team during EVERY battle must have the dual-type that your gym runs. ex) if you have a Fire/Flying gym you would have to have someone in your team like Charizard or Moltres. All other Pokemon in your team just have to be either fire or flying but don't have to be both.

8 ) Why your own tier list
• Well first its our forum so a tier to go with it is just natural and with this tier it makes our gym league different from gym leagues other forums might run. See it as an opportunity to use some of the Pokemon you would otherwise not be able to use. Smogon's tier list can still be used in random battles but any gym or e4 battle will run the Scherox tier for uniqueness and fun.

More FAQs to come if they're needed. Feel free to ask questions or make comments.

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