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Post  Dwlr on Sat May 01, 2010 11:23 pm

We're pretty lenient about the rules here. Basically anything that doesn't violate the ToS you agree to when registering is alright. 'Course to avoid from being vague a little details are as followed:

1) Don't spam, basically add to the discussion at hand. Spam is pretty much a waste of your time and anybody else's who might check the boards so it doesn't make a lot of sense to do especially since post count means absolutely nothing here.

2) Don't flame, we define flaming as harassing a member or genuinely bothering somebody. If you joke around with the members and they don't mind we're not going to care, if we get a report about somebody being offended we'll have to ask that you discontinue the offensive actions and likewise if it persists we'll have to take further action.

*3) The biggest rule we have is regarding explicit material. Minors are probably present so we can't have it littering the boards without warning. So if you must post something that is explicit (18+ material) do so via a link only and include a warning that it contains content not suitable for minors. Also regarding this material don't pm it to anybody unless you know they don't mind prior, just because somebody isn't a minor doesn't mean they want it either. In terms of sigs and avatars keep all explicit material out of them even in link form (for the sigs)

4) Out of courtesy speak English, this is an American board so the majority of people will speak English. If you wish to speak other languages please make a specific thread for discussion in the language you desire to speak if one is not already created. Again this is out of courtesy to the majority of the members and not us trying to discriminate against anybody. If somebody does not speak English as a primary language do not mock them for broken languages or miss-communication, I'm sure they're trying so please be patient with them and help them if they need it.

Sig Limits
Keep the height at or below 300 px total for all images and text, anything more causes for especially long posts that may or may not have content even. Any width is fine as long as the total width doesn't stretch the page, I think it's something like 800 px wide so it really shouldn't be an issue. As mentioned above but it's important so I'll say it again, keep explicit material out even in link form. Explicit material is defined as uncensored nudity or even profanities in text form. Implied nudity is fine as long as nobody becomes offended, if there is a case where somebody is offended you will simply be asked to change it out of courtesy's sake. (Implied nudity would be an image who's hair is covering up 'problematic' regions or being cut off about shoulders length so nothing is actually in view. Be wary of censors whilst it does cover the problem areas most still view it as offensive anyway so you can try it, but it likely will be removed.)

If anything comes up we reserve the right to add to this list if needed.

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