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Post  Zomb on Sat May 08, 2010 12:24 am

Until we figure out if we're going to have enough members to do some of this stuff we won't be posting them specifically but I thought it might be nice for those who check out the forum and future members to know what we have planned for the site and other ideas we have thought about if there is enough support for it.

First thing and prolly the most important is the Pokemon Tournaments that we will be holding. These will be anything from a normal standard rules battle to tier based tournaments. Just to list a few possible tournament ideas we might use. Anything based on the standard pokemon tiers NU/UU/OU, Gen based, Draft based, ect. More details about these can come out or be discussed in the pokemon section.

Another thing that will be happening is the gym system. Some of the gyms and threads have been put into place but battles and stuff wont be taking place until more people are interested. We can also open up threads for the Mystery Dungeon series if people are interested in this.

A few other things that we may bring up are Pokemon specific discussions. We would post a pokemon and for that week we would discuss uses, personal feeling about the pokemon or anything you want to say about the pokemon.

Things that aren't specific to pokemon that may be added in the future.

1) A trophy app to hold images of tournaments won, gym victories or whatever else.
2) A Sig of the Week contest (SOTW)
3) Whatever else we decide is necessary for the running of the forum.

These are not the only things to come and the more suggestions we get from our future members the better we can make this site a place that people will want to come and discuss stuff.

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