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Post  Dwlr on Mon Jun 14, 2010 6:48 am

Profile awards are going to become available as soon as I work out the coding, these awards are going to denote various noteworthy events from your time on the forums. Such events could include winning tournaments, winning the SotW, etc.

The exact achievements are not yet fully decided, so stay tuned for more information as it comes.

Current Awards:

SotW Winner -Participant for entering, Bronze for winning 1 SotW, Silver for winning 5 SotWs, Gold for winning 10 SotWs
Profile Awards SotW-Participant Profile Awards SotW-Bronze Profile Awards SotW-Silver Profile Awards SotW-Gold

SotW Patron - Awarded for entering the SotW 5 weeks in a row with a serious entry and voting the weeks in which they entered providing a valid reason. (Special circumstances may apply. *Must apply for this award providing the links to the 5 consequential SotWs you entered*)
Profile Awards SotW-Patron-2

Loyal Voter -- Awarded for voting in 10 consecutive SotW contests. You may or may not be entering the contest but this award shows that you do support those who are. *Must apply for this award providing the links to the 10 consequential SotWs you voted in*)
(image to come)

Pokemon Tournament Winner -Participant for entering, Bronze for winning 1 pkmn tournament, Silver for winning 3 pkmn tournaments, Gold for winning 5 pkmn tournaments.
Profile Awards Pkmn-Participant-1 Profile Awards Pkmn-Bronze Profile Awards Pkmn-Silver Profile Awards Pkmn-Gold

Brawl Tournament Winner -Participant for entering, Bronze for winning 1 Brawl tournament, Silver for winning 3 Brawl tournaments, Gold for winning 5 Brawl tournaments.
Profile Awards Brawl-Participant Profile Awards Brawl-Bronze Profile Awards Brawl-Silver Profile Awards Brawl-Gold

Dio Tribute -- Awarded to those members who honored Ronnie James Dio during the week of his birthday after he died by entering in the SotW contest special edition SotW
Profile Awards Dio-Tribute

SoS Brigade -- Awarded to those who want it when the Second Season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya comes out in the U.S. or when the Movie comes.
(image to come)

Gym League
Gym Badge -- Awarded for beating 8 gyms to qualify for the E4 challenge.
(image to come)

E4 champion -- Awarded for beating the Elite 4.
(image to come)

Badges -- Individual badges for beating each gym (number displayed on mini-profile yet to be determined, but all will be displayed on your profile page).

Special Evo Gym -
Psychic/Steel Gym -
Floating Gym -
Legend Gym -
Speed Gym - Profile Awards Speed
Small Mammal Gym (Rabies Badge) -

Uploader -- Awarded for those who have uploaded helpful resources. Such as renders, tutorials, animes, etc. Must be requested and then approved by the staff. (All uploads must be original to be considered.) *reqs before requesting: 20 renders, 10 total tutorial outcomes using your tutorial, 10 animes*

Advertiser -- Awarded for those who have brought activity to the forums. List of members you brought must be sent with requisition and confirmation from those members must be obtained. A.k.a they must be active members to count.

More badges to be added if we feel that a new one is needed.

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Post  goaway on Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:16 pm

Pretty awards Dwlr Wink

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