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Post  Zomb on Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:42 am

Ok so just a couple things we'd like you to follow in the gallery thread that isn't stated in the main rules.

1) You may have a gallery even if you have a shop. Put maybe your best 4-5 pics in your shop to give examples and you can link potential costumers (by posting a link in your shop's first page) to your gallery for extra examples

2) If you post several images use the URL or the Link tab next to flash on the text options. If too many pics are in your gallery it will slow down slower computers. Use your best judgment of how many are ok. If we feel you have too many pics in your gallery we will have you change it or if you don't we will and actions will be taken.

3) Mostly a continuation of rule 2 but if you're posting Images bigger than the sig size stated in the main rules please only use a URL for them. Too many big images (even if the same number of images as someone else has in their gallery) will slow down computers.

4) Do not post ripped works. Have some integrity and make sure you can claim what you did. If you did not make the image you are working with don't claim you did, if you used and modified a stock don't claim to have made the stock. Adding text to an already made image does not mean you made that image. Using c4ds that you did not make yourself have the same rules, it's alright to use them but if asked don't claim them as 'yours'.

5) No claiming banners are horrible or any pointless posts that are only to put down the person who posted a banner. If you don't like something give a reason and help them by giving them some tips to improve.

More to come if necessary

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