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Sig of the Week 15 Empty Sig of the Week 15

Post  Zomb on Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:29 pm

Its late but its up now.

Theme: Video Game Character (H-Games aren't allowed)
Date ending: Friday midnight (EST)
Poll closing: Sunday midnight (EST)
Size max: 500 x 200 px
Size min: 200 x 100 px or 100 x 200

Misc rules:
-Sig must be made during the open time of the contest *on the honor system for the most part*
-1 entry per person
-Max file size: 1mb (pretty much only applies to animated entries so as to not enter ridiculously large images that would bog down some computers.)
-Winner picks the theme of the next SotW (special circumstances may apply such as holidays)
*Winner has untill midnight of the following day after the poll ends to submit the new theme to ensure enough time is given*
-Provide viable reasons with your vote when the voting starts or it won't count. (An attempt to keep down fanboying the character. Viable reasons are reasons pertaining to the composition of the sig not just the render. Being innovative when fitting a theme can also be a viable reason.)
-Please don't make any comments about the banners or decisions about your vote until after the poll starts. Artists have until the polling starts to make changes or decide on an entirely different banner even after posting one. If you make comments or voting decisions it would be unfair to the artists.
-Avoid voting for yourself and if you entered something try to cast a vote to be 'fair'
-In the event of a tie at the end of Sunday the next vote must be cast for one of the artists in the tie and will determine the winner.

Sig of the Week 15 Wolfensteinsig
Sig of the Week 15 Adawong

Sig of the Week 15 Konatakagami

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Sig of the Week 15 Empty Re: Sig of the Week 15

Post  Tsuruya on Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:51 pm

Not sure how much this is being watched cause i know the current situation but I'm going to vote anyway.

Dwlr: The lighting and positioning give it a look of impending doom...or at least IMO it does. The banner really stands out and just looks nice.

Zomb's looks nice too but doesn't have the feel to it that Dwlr's has.

Zomb's edit:
First off thanks for voting Tsuruya, we needed at least 1.

Second is that seeing as there are only 2 entries there really isn't much of a point for either Dwlr or I to actually make a post stating our choices. Because of this each of us will be receiving a canceling vote (meaning we get each others vote and in the end it really means nothing). Unless someone else votes this is probably the end of the SotW's on this forum. Hope you enjoyed the SotW's here.

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