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Post  Zomb on Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:44 pm

Graphics shop rules

1) Keep the graphics you make appropriate for the rules of the forum. If you are making something that someone will use off the site and it does not follow our sites rules post just the link (not the image tags) and warn those who may click it.

2) Follow the rules for the Avis and Sigs. If someone asks for a banner don't give them something bigger than what can be used here. That would just be rude and probably a waste of your own time.

3) You are allowed to charge for banners, this is a Pokemon based site so if you would like Pokemon or items in return for your banners you can have a price for them. However this must be stated in your thread and you must come to an agreement before you make the banner. Also try to keep it reasonable, IV breed Pokemon are probably not going to be an equal return for a banner. *Charging actually legal currency is strickly forbidden, this is a violation of the terms of service and an attempt to do so will result in the immediate closure of your shop without warning.*

4) Rules are subject to change.

Graphic Shop Rules Konatakagami

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